• How Long is the Course?

    The course is designed for 6-12 months. However it all depends on how much time you want to devote, and how much you want to practise. I find most people are pretty busy so I made the videos quite short, usually up to 2 minutes long, to make it easier for you to digest, plus so you easily dip in and out as you need.

  • Is this Course the Right Level for me?

    The courses are for all levels. The course has some elements which are basic and more advanced, whether it’s how to punch, how to deal with a street altercation or a fight strategy. The videos take you through stuff in a very structured, detailed and clear manner to build you up to the task at hand. So, my advice is don’t worry about level, just pick a video which suits you. You’ll get loads out of them whether you are a beginner or experienced.

  • Will I have Unlimited Access?

    Yes. You will have full unlimited access all the time, for however long you like.

  • If I’m not Satisfied, Can I get Cancel or get a Refund?

    Yes. If after the first 2 weeks of purchase you are completely unsatisfied with the material, I will gladly issue you a credit note. Just email me on info@streetmartialart.com. However, I’ve never had anyone ask for a refund and personally guarantee you’ll enjoy the course.

  • Can I Watch it on my Phone?

    Yes, of course! It's great quality. Also, on a tablet and desktop. The course is hosted on an online platform called Thinkific. You will need internet connection to view it.

  • Do I have to Follow the Course Order?

    No. You can watch them in any order and skip ahead if you are already familiar with the content or just want to learn something else first. The great thing is you can monitor your progress and always go back to watch anything you may have missed.

  • Can I Learn at Home?

    Yes. The material on this course can be practised at home or at the Gym. The course is a mix of narrative, solo training, padwork and partner training. Obviously you will get much more out of the course if you are able to find a training partner, but you will still be able to practise a lot of it by yourself. Contrary to some opinion I believe you can enhance your martial art learning from an online course, contrary to some opinion. Its far from ideal and you most certainly need to practise with a partner to I’ve learnt solo forms in Taekwondo and Tai Chi online and it helped greatly I still use videos to pick up tips, learn new techniques and supplement my training. There is a wealth of martial arts knowledge out there and if you can access it and it helps your training, then why not!