Online Martial Art Course

In-depth course packed with hundreds of videos and instructional PDFs, showing techniques and fighting tips for the street which you can easily learn in the gym or at home

  • Simple

    Learn martial arts from the ground up, get essential core fighting skills and step up your fight game

  • Adaptive

    Use the "One Tool Fits All" method and get adaptive fighting strategies that apply your martial art to the street

  • Evolutionary

    Discover the Chaos Key to handle multiple opponents, fight in different positions, deal with weapon attacks and much more

For All Levels

Our course is designed for all levels


    Get Simple & Practical Self Defence - Quickly Learn an Effective Martial Art - Get Fit and Gain Confidence


    Get New & Effective Fighting Skills - Learn to Adapt your Art to the Street -Prove your Stuff Really Works


    Get New Teaching Ideas - Improve Student Retention - Attract New Students

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Use the Chaos Key to Apply Martial Arts to the Street

FREE Course

The Secret to Apply Martial Arts to the Street. With this FREE Course you will:

  • Discover the Chaos Key

  • Learn the 3 simple steps to use it

  • Find out how to apply martial arts to the street

The course includes sample videos taken from the main Street Martial Arts course, plus parts of the full eBook you receive as a FREE bonus on the course.  

There is no commitment. If you like this FREE Taster Course then check out the main courses because there's plenty more where that came from!